Urias Globe of Death

Erwin Urias

Fourth Generation Globe Rider

From the time Erwin was old enough to start walking his father would get on a motorcycle, strap Erwin on with him and give him rides around the inside of the Globe of Death, that was only the beginning of Erwin’s love for thrills. Erwin first began riding his own motorcycles at the age of 2. His first bike was a “Lil Chief” 50cc Indian motorcycle. By the time Erwin reached 5 years of age, he was already practicing the act and riding his own motorcycle in the Globe of Death.

Featured Performer in the Globe of Steel

Erwin also pursued other interests in the circus including; juggling, trampoline, acrobatics, tumbling, flying trapeze and aerial cradle, but his true passion was mastering and performing in the Globe of Death. 

By the age of 14 Erwin was a featured performer in the Globe of Steel along with his parents on Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Erwin is considered one of the top motorcyclists in the world that perform in the Globe of Death.

Today Erwin continues to amaze audiences in the Globe of Steel performing with his Brother Melvin, his wife Jodie and troupe member Olga Surnina.

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