Urias Globe of Death

Jodie Urias

First Generation Circus Performer

Jodie, unlike the rest of the Urias daredevils did not come from an entertainment background. She is a first generation circus performer. She got her start at the age of 19 when she left home for a “summer job” with Carson and Barnes Circus. She practiced an aerial act called the Spanish web and auditioned for the show just 2 weeks after she began training. She had her first performance the day after the audition. By the end of the summer, Jodie had been offered a contract to perform with the circus for a full season. She performed with a partner in an act called the “Aerial Cradle” and she worked in the shows productions; riding elephants and the Spanish web. She also had her very own solo act on the Single Trapeze.

Performing with the Sphere of Fear

Jodie met the Urias Family while performing on the George Carden Circus. Years later, Jodie married troupe member Erwin Urias. Jodie began performing in the Globe act when Kathia (Erwin’s mother) had to leave during their tour on a family emergency. Since then Jodie has been an integral part of the act, she has the unique job of being the daring woman that stands in the center of the Globe as 3 motorcycles zoom around her!

Multi-Talented Solo Artist

Jodie also performs as a solo artist on the trapeze, aerial chiffons and the lira (aerial hoop) or in a combined aerial display with Olga Surnina.

Jodie teaches hoop fitness and hoop dance classes and has hoop dance performances. To learn more about classes, hoops and gear you can visit her website www.HoopFitUSA.com

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