Urias Globe of Death

Melvin Urias

Fourth Generation Urias Daredevil

Melvin Urias began following in his father’s footsteps at the age of 8 when he took an interest in riding a motorcycle in the Globe of Death. His first motorcycle was a Yamaha PW 50. He quickly mastered the small bike and moves up to a larger motorcycle; the Yamaha 80. Melvin’s first performance was at the age of 12 when the Globe of Steel was performing at the Corona Bros. International Circus.

Expert Globe of Death Motorcyclist

Melvin and his brother Erwin would spend their free time practicing new maneuvers to show their father so they could continue to improve their performances and take the act to the next level.

Today, Melvin is considered one of the top motorcyclists in the world that perform in the Globe of Death.

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