Urias Globe of Death

Urias Family Globe of Death



Original family members and brothers, Erwin and Melvin Urias have been “Globe Riders” since childhood, following in their father, grandfather and great-grandfather’s footsteps. Olga Surnina joined the act in 2008 and became one of the few female riders in the history of the act. Jodie Urias has the extraordinary job of being the daring young lady that graces the center of the Globe as the motorcycle riders zoom all around her!

It must be assumed that Erwin, Melvin, and Olga fear nothing. What else could explain how they could crawl into a 16-foot-wide mesh-metal globe and chase each other with dirtbikes at speeds up to 60 mile per hour? This is a diagram of four of the daredevils’ ten running patterns.

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